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Tips for Keeping the Place Clean After a Cleaning

A  freshly cleaned home

Enjoying a freshly cleaned home is a wonderful experience. That clean home look and smell is something we all like to hold onto for as long as it can last. Unfortunately, life happens as we go about our daily activities living in the house. As professional cleaners we can offer some advice on how to help keep the house clean until the next cleaning day. We have also picked up some good ideas and tips from some of our clients along the way.

  1. A place for the clutter that will ensue after the cleaning. The best way to help keep the house looking clean is to have places designated to put things away. Shoes could go on shoe racks, shelves, or even in a basket to keep them from being scattered on the floor. Coats and backpacks, and other school and work related bags, etc., can be hung in closets, on wall hooks, or placed on shelves to get them off the floor. Anything else can be picked up and put away.

  2. Trash and empty containers thrown away. The more accessible trash receptacles in the home, the better. A kitchen trash can is for items used in the kitchen that need to be thrown away and not left out on the counters or dropped on the floors. Trash should be taken out when full and not left to cause bad odors in the home. Wastebaskets should be available in every bathroom for used tissues and empty shampoo bottles, etc. that can clutter up the bathroom counters, floors, and showers. Wastebaskets in the bedrooms (especially the kids' rooms), and in the family room can keep wrappers, empty drink bottles, broken things, etc. in the can and off the furniture and floors.

  3. Kitchen counters wiped and floors swept daily. This will keep the kitchen looking clean and maintained. A floor that is swept from daily debris will most likely not have the chance to get food smashed on the floor and will stay cleaner longer.

  4. Vacuum every few days if there are shedding pets in the home. It doesn’t take long for pet fur/hair to gather on the clean floors. Keeping up with the pet hair goes a long way in keeping the home looking nice.

  5. Make up the beds. It makes a big difference in the room and keeps it looking and feeling clean.

  6. Aesthetics. Besides things being picked up around the house, aesthetics such as folding up the blanket throws, plumping up pillows, etc. helps keep the home in order.

Hopefully these tips and suggestions are helpful in keeping your place looking like it was just cleaned. Bright at Home Cleaning provides professional one-time or recurring cleanings to help keep your home clean and free up your time.

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