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Professional Housecleaning on a Budget

Most people would agree that it would be nice to have some extra help around the house. With our busy lifestyles, work, family, pets, physical limitations, or just wanting some free time, help can be invaluable. Getting some help from professional housecleaners is a practical solution.

It is often a misconception that having your home cleaned by a cleaning company is reserved for those with high incomes and big homes. Not true. Whole home cleaning isn’t the only option for housecleaning services. Customization of the home’s cleaning is a practical choice many of our clients are enjoying. Customization can really vary depending on individual needs. Here are some popular options:

  1. Timed cleaning: For the specified amount of time or cost the cleaners work from a priority list created by the client. The cleaner will follow the priority list to accomplish whatever can be done in the specified amount of time. For example, a three hour timed service may work well for those who just need help in certain areas of the home, and do not expect more than the time that has been allowed for the cleaning.

  2. Partial home cleaning: Most often this is a main floor or living area only cleaning, eliminating anything upstairs, or the guest area. This works well in homes that don’t use those spaces much, or for those who prefer to save money and just keep the main living area professionally cleaned.

  3. Certain rooms and areas eliminated from the cleaning: Many homes have rooms that the client prefers or doesn’t need the cleaners to go into. Examples: Media rooms, guest rooms, laundry rooms, kids rooms, offices. 

  4. Alternate cleaning - This is popular for larger homes when part of the home is not being used regularly. For instance, alternating whole home cleaning with main living areas only every other time your home is cleaned on a recurring basis (Monthly or Biweekly).

A home of any size and a monthly budget starting at $119 for housecleaning can get some professional housecleaning from Bright at Home Cleaning. How does this work? Depending on the size and cleaning needs of your home, we can customize the cleaning time to fit your budget. We have a 3 hour minimum cleaning time; beyond that we can add however much more time you need to accomplish what you would like to have done. The cleaning time includes cleaning services from our regular scope of services.

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