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Bright at Home Cleaning is a bonded and insured home cleaning service based in Plano, and serving the greater Collin County, Texas area. Our expert cleaning technicians are ready to care for your home with skill and professionalism. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and effective. We strive to provide high quality cleaning, dependability, and peace of mind. We can't wait to prove to you we're the cleaning company you've been looking for!


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Family-owned and operated

Bright at Home Cleaning is owned and operated by a trio partnership based in Collin County, consisting of Jacob and Maren McBride, and Lori LeJeune.

As head cleaning technician, and Maren's mother, Lori brings unmatched experience in the service industry and knowledge of maintaining a clean and comfortable home. Lori's years of cleaning experience combined with a holistic health education create a knowledgeable resource for healthy living.

Maren, with her teaching background, is used to managing multiple projects and attending to the details. She largely manages the office and steps into occasional jobs to keep her cleaning skills and training in top condition. She and Jacob, an attorney who aids in overseeing Bright at Home Cleaning, have five children and knows how tricky it is to balance a busy lifestyle. 

Bright at Home Cleaning works to provide high quality service as a company you trust. We aim to create a team of cleaning technicians who care about the work they do and the homes and clients they serve.

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