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Choosing Between a Cleaning Company and an Independent Cleaner


Making a decision to have a housecleaner come to clean you home is the first step towards getting the help you need. The next step, choosing the housecleaner can be a harder decision. With so many to choose from and not enough information available, it becomes a daunting task involving phone calls, reading reviews, asking social media for referrals, etc., to find the right cleaner. In a typical search for a housecleaner, there are clearly two categories to choose from: professional cleaning companies and independent cleaners. Either can be the right choice, depending on individual needs and circumstances. Knowing the difference between them can help make the choice clearer and easier.

Independent cleaners are not attached to any company. They are self-employed and not held to any company standards and restrictions. They set their own hours and prices. Some will use the client resources, such as cleaning supplies and equipment. This is favorable among homeowners who want their home cleaned using specific cleaning products and their own personal vacuum and mop. Some independent cleaners will bring their own equipment and supplies.  They are rarely insured and bonded.

Professional cleaning companies are set up quite differently than independent cleaners. Professional cleaning companies provide services that are structured to be thorough and efficient with their own resources. There is a standard cleaning kit of cleaning solutions and supplies. Many offer eco-friendly green cleaning and don’t use harsh chemicals. The cleaning equipment is professional and for commercial use in residential homes. Guidelines and standards are in place for all cleaning technicians to follow and adhere to. Most professional cleaning companies have a satisfaction guarantee.  Professional cleaning companies should be and are insured and bonded. This is important if something gets damaged. Employees have been background checked. Most professional cleaning companies will have a set schedule for recurring clients. There will be a clear system of services, scheduling information, payments, and communication between the client, the office, and the cleaners.

When considering which will work better for you, an independent cleaner or professional cleaning company, keep in mind what   is important to you. If cost is the deciding factor, more than likely an independent cleaner will charge less. Cleaning companies have overhead besides cleaning supplies, such as taxes, insurance, dispatch systems, websites, etc. They typically pay their employees competitively in order to ensure quality and retention.

Hopefully this information helps when the need comes to find a housecleaner. Please consider giving Bright at Home Cleaning a call or contact us through our website if a professional cleaning company appeals to you. We would love the opportunity to “brighten your home and free up your time.” 469-443-6903.

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