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Tips for Clutter Free Cleaning

Clutter. The word itself is stress inducing. Unfortunately most homes deal with a certain amount of clutter. Clutter is typically a collection of items that do not have a place, are out of place, need to be replaced, or need to be thrown away.

Most professional cleaning companies will ask that excessive clutter be picked up prior to cleaning. This is because they are hired to get down to the nitty gritty of actually cleaning the home, and picking up clutter takes away from the cleaning time paid for by the client. As house cleaners we run across a lot of good ideas our clients have for dealing with clutter in the home.

  1. Pick up and discard trash, such as empty beverage containers, food wrappers, old receipts, containers of empty products in the bathrooms, stuffing from dog toy plushies, etc. Placing a wastebasket in every room is very helpful in keeping trash contained and not turning into clutter.

  2. Take laundry to the laundry room or place it in laundry baskets. Laundry hampers placed in or near the bedrooms make it easy to toss that stray sock or towel into so it is no longer cluttering the room and floor.

  3. Make good use of baskets, bins, trays, etc. Inexpensive containers in many different styles look attractive and serve their purpose in any room. For example: Basket or fabric storage cubes inside shelving units for toys, bathroom, kitchen, and office items. Baskets and trays for loose items in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms also help keep clutter at bay. Baskets and trays are easy for the cleaners to move and clean under, and control the clutter on the counters.

We hope these simple tips help with taking control of clutter, and maybe take away some of the stress associated with it. Bright at Home Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to brighten your home and free up your time.

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