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Mirror Cleaning

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A quick online search will tell you that a vinegar and water solution is far and away the top overall mirror cleaner. Rubbing alcohol comes in second. For a streak free shine, we at Bright at Home Cleaning put just a smidge of blue Dawn dish soap with our vinegar and water solution for a winning mirror cleaning combination that we find makes mirrors look their best.

Microfiber comes to the rescue, yet again, as your number one option for a cleaning cloth. Avoid using newspapers, as today’s ink leaves residue, and avoid paper towels, as they leave a lint. A flat-weave microfiber cloth is hands-down going to be the best tool for the job.

A light mist on the mirror, or even a few sprays onto your cleaning cloth will do the trick. If you overspray your mirror surface with solution, you’ll spend more time than necessary drying and wiping. After spraying, start wiping from the top left and go left to right, working your way down the mirror to clean the entire surface. Fold the cloth as necessary through the process so you’ve got drier parts of the cloth wiping and drying.

Should your mirror have serious gunk on it, or it’s got a cloudy film from previously using the wrong kind of cleaning spray, you may want to rewind and start with a bit of dish soap (again, we suggest blue Dawn —it’s awesome!) and water. Remember that a little goes a long way!Rubbing alcohol is also a suitable choice. After you’ve done that deeper grime cleaning and dried off the mirror, you then use the vinegar solution to shine it up as explained, and for general upkeep going forward.

The last step to properly cleaning a mirror is to look at the mirror from different angles. Spot-clean any missed areas (behind the bathroom faucet is usually where we find them) by wiping the spot with some solution on your cloth, then buffing dry. Now take a moment to admire your beautiful, streak-free mirror!

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