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Best Ways to Clean Your Baseboards

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Ah, the often-neglected baseboards. Baseboard cleanliness jumps out the most to us when moving furniture, redecorating, moving into or out of a home, or when they’ve reach an obvious level of dirty. They’re always there, meant to beautify and complete the look of a room, but they need care, like everything else.

Here are some basic tips for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness on your baseboards:

1. If you are dealing with dust and basic dirt and marks, a bowl/bucket of warm water with some dish soap and vinegar in it, paired with a microfiber cloth or sponge will do a great job cleaning those baseboards. Simply wipe along and rinse when needed.

2. If your baseboards have gotten to a level where they need more than basic washing and wiping, it’s time to get some Magic Erasers, or their generic counterpart. Get a container of that warm water and some dish soap and vinegar, like we mentioned before. Dip your Magic Eraser and begin scrubbing your baseboards. There will be marks that simply won’t come off –this area needs new paint or new baseboards if you want perfection. However, most markings will come off, and this method with the Magic Erasers will be the easiest way to get long-time stuck on dirt, grease, etc. off of your baseboards. It’s also the best way to get those black dots off baseboards that are often in corners or under the windows. To give it to you straight, that would be bug feces, and it sticks like glue to your baseboards. Get it off, and thank your Magic Erasers for making that particular job much simpler than it could be.

3. Maintaining clean baseboards doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It’s even a great chore for little kids. It’s best done at least once a month, but even every two months will keep your baseboards from reaching the need-to-scrub point. Just dust them. Feather duster, Swiffer stick duster, cloth, or long duster –knock that dust to the floor, and it’ll easily be vacuumed up when the room gets vacuumed. Make sure to wipe liquid splashes or spills as soon as you notice them in kitchens or bathrooms (sometimes bedrooms--let’s be honest). The longer any type of residue sits on a surface, the harder it is to remove.

Home cleaning advice happily brought to you by Bright at Home Cleaning

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