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What all am I paying for when I pay for professional house cleaning?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Sometimes it’s difficult to look beyond the obvious when budgeting home service costs. Clearly payment to your service provider is for the actual service performed —that’s the most important part! However, it’s not the only part. When hourly costs are broken down or considered, what else is involved in the pricing? After all, value for your money is important. As we at Bright at Home Cleaning have mentioned before on our blog, not all cleaning companies are created the same, but usually professional services that are in line with each other’s service style will have similar background costs. We can only speak from our own experience, so it’s important to keep in mind that costs can vary depending on the home cleaning company. 

Breaking down the extras:

1. You are paying for someone to travel to your home to perform a remote service. 

2. Our company brings all our own equipment, so the client doesn’t have to provide anything except electricity and water. This means that all vacuum upkeep is ours to manage. We empty and clean out the dust and dirt (and sometimes a lot of pet hair) on our own time, along with cutting hair out of the roller brushes. The wear and tear on the use of the vacuum in your home is on us, not you. We provide all cleaning cloths, sponges, and special cleaning tools that need to be occasionally or regularly replaced.

3. When the cleaning is finished at your house, the cleaning isn’t completely finished. Not only does your cleaning technician spend time keeping the vacuum in order, but now all cloths used to clean your home must be thoroughly washed, dried, folded, and set back up in the cleaning kit for the next job. Everything used to clean your place, now needs to be cleaned independently.

4. Products used. We provide all cleaning products for our clients, and what we use is eco-friendly. You don’t have to purchase or provide any of it!

5. Bonding and insurance. It’s important, and it’s a big reason to trust having the cleaners in your home.

6. Technology software notifications in booking or even payment. The chances are very high that if you pay online with a credit card, the company takes on a credit card processing fee because of it. We do. But, convenience is often in the card, and we want to make life easier for our clients. 

7. Wages for the cleaning technician. We pay our techs well. We know that if we are competitive and pay them well, we have a better chance of keeping the best. You want the best, and likely, you don’t want high turnover in your home cleaner.

8. Taxes. Sure, you pay for sales tax, but the taxes don't end there for small businesses.

9. Experience, professionalism, dependability, integrity, thoroughness, and quality. Value. If your cleaners have made it clear that they do the job right every time because they care, and the working relationship with the cleaning company you’ve chosen is a good one, there’s not a price you can put on that.

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