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The Value of Customized Housecleaning

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When you have decided to hire a cleaning company, there are several things to consider: their reputation for doing a great job, the security offered, and what they charge, are just a few. Getting the most value from your cleaning company is a matter of finding out how they will work for you.

Research into what each cleaning company offers usually involves going to their website. Here you should find most of the basic information you need —details of what and where they clean, the types of cleaning products used, if they are bonded and insured, and if the company seems reputable. There are a lot of factors that go into pricing a home for cleaning. Bright at Home Cleaning values open and honest communication with our clients from the start. We let you know approximately how much it will cost to clean your home based on quality of service and fair, competitive pricing. The reason it is “approximately” how much your house cleaning will cost is where customization comes in.

Most cleaning companies base what they charge their clients by the square footage of the house. There is a cost per hour for how long it will take to clean that square footage. This often is what you can expect when you call for a quote. This is not customization. Customization involves getting the rooms you want cleaned the way you want them to be cleaned. Coming to the home to see what you want done is the best way to serve you as the homeowner. That is why Bright at Home Cleaning does free, no obligation, in-home consultations.

The first part of the customization of your home involves finding out what rooms you want cleaned. It is a common misconception that the whole house needs to be cleaned when you hire a cleaning company. Every home has different requirements based on how much the rooms in the house are used. Some rooms are rarely used: for example, guest rooms and guest bathrooms. Some rooms are “keep out” rooms: for example, a teenager's room or a room with special equipment. Sometimes the client just wants the downstairs of the house done, and not the upstairs.

Focus of concern is also a part of customization. Often a client will want or need extra time and effort put into cleaning certain rooms or parts of the house: for example, the master bathroom, the hardwood floors, pet hair off the furniture, etc. We also find out what is valuable, fragile, or non-touchable in your home so we can clean or not clean accordingly.

During Bright at Home Cleaning's in-home consultations, we take into consideration the particular customizations for your home and price the cleaning time accordingly. If you ever want any of the rooms cleaned that have been omitted from your regular cleaning, let us know! Give us a call a week before your regularly scheduled cleaning, and we will add the appropriate time and cost.

Customization of your home will give you the most value for your cleaning dollars. Bright at Home Cleaning wants to make sure your housecleaning is going to be everything you want it to be! You can schedule a free, no obligation consultation on our website.

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