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The Three Most Neglected Areas of Toilet Cleaning

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Cleaning the toilet is a dirty job, which is exactly why it needs to be done on a regular basis. It’s obvious when your toilet bowl needs a good scrubbing (you see that ring around the bowl?). This is when we pull out the toilet cleaner and brush and wash that ring away, all around the bowl into the center. Done! ….or is it? In our experience in residential cleaning, even those who clean the toilet bowl on a regular basis, keeping it free from stains or mineral deposits (which require a different level of cleaning) can forget about parts of the toilet that happily harbor bacteria and elicit smells. …Ew!? We know. So, let’s address it!

The most neglected parts of toilet cleaning:

  1. Under the rim. Let’s be real. The brush only goes so far up that bowl, then it’s up to you to force the issue and concentrate on scrubbing up under the rim. If you’ve not checked the bowl rim in a while, grab a magic eraser (or even wet cleaning cloth) and disinfectant spray, and after doing your regular bowl brush cleaning, wipe a disinfectant laden eraser around the interior rim of the bowl. Pink (mildew), black (mold), brown (uh…) —it’s not pretty, but you’ll feel so much better when you know it’s cleared out and actually clean.

  2. The bottom base sides of the toilet. This is where the toilet is bolted down. It’s also where any liquid that didn’t make it into the toilet collects. Then, dust and hair join the party. Before getting to that rim (because it’s the worst), check those base indentations, and give them a good disinfectant wipe down.

  3. The outside of the bowl. Most of us clean what we notice. Often, that’s enough, especially if you’ve lifted the lid and seat and cleaned that whole top area. But, if we want to eliminate funky smells, any possible residue, and have a truly clean toilet, step back and look at it from a different angle. Wipe and disinfect the outside of the bowl. The slightest amount of liquid can run down and then dry in a line unnoticed down the front of the bowl.

If you’ve cleaned the obvious parts of the toilet as usual and included these three often neglected parts, you’re good to go!

Pun only slightly intended.

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