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Cleaning Your Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Before getting started, what type of blinds are we talking about? Wood, metal, faux wood, plastic, or fabric? The material your blinds are made of determine how you should go about cleaning them.

Wood: Wood blinds are lovely, but it’s important to be extra careful when cleaning them. Never wash your wood blinds with water. This can cause warping or discoloration. Similarly, avoid any harsh chemicals that could damage the blinds. If you’ve upgraded to actual wood blinds, chances are you’d like them around a long while. A feather duster or dry cloth should be used to gently wipe away any dust or dirt.

Metal: Most likely these blinds are made out of aluminum. When cared for properly, they can last a very long time. They can easily be cared for by using a dry cloth to wipe away dust and dirt. But if it’s been a while, you may need a mixture of gentle soap and water.

Faux Wood: Faux wood is a great option when you want the look of wood without the higher price tag. Water is no problem when working with faux wood. The best way to clean them is to use a cloth to wipe away dust or a cloth dampened with gentle soap and water.

Plastic: Plastic blinds fall in line with the faux wood style of cleaning. They aren’t afraid of water. Plastic blind are easy to wash.

Fabric: Fabric blinds are great for filtering light and adding a different kind of style to a room. They can be spot cleaned, but not rubbed when cleaning. The dust brush of your vacuum, a feather duster, or even a hair dryer on the cool setting can keep dust away from your fabric blinds.

Upkeep on all blinds can be as simple as a feather duster to keep the dust from settling in and gathering friends. However, sometimes we need to kickstart the cleanliness, or we’ve neglected the blinds for a time. You may be surprised at how much dust and dirt, or even mystery spots, your blinds have gathered over time. If it’s time to give your blinds a good cleaning without taking them down, when blinds are aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood, dunk a cloth in a mixture of gentle antibacterial soap and wipe down each slat, one at a time, starting at the top and working your way down. Like previously mentioned, if you have fabric shades, you should avoid washing them and spot clean any areas where they’re visibly dirty. A dry cloth or vacuum should be your only tools to clean natural wood blinds.

One last step- make sure to clean the pull strings, which often get dirtied by a mixture of dust and dirt and our own hands. Dip a white cloth into a mixture of water and fabric-safe cleaning solution, grip the strings with the cloth, and move down.

Your blinds are clean! Check it off your list.

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