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The Gift of a "New", Clean Room

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Recently I did a cleaning for a wonderful client who was ready to redecorate her room and bathroom. She was prepped with new sheets, a new comforter, throw pillows, new bathroom rugs, decorations, and a new shower curtain. She decided she wanted to start this living space makeover right —with a professional deeper cleaning. She was going to make the space as new as possible. In her words, it was time to “refresh”.

Cleaning and beautifying people’s homes can be enjoyable, but this job was downright fun!

Here at Bright at Home Cleaning we often talk about finding the right cleaner for YOU. This client was looking for a one-time deeper cleaning in only the master bathroom and bedroom. She had specific cleaning needs and decided we were the the right company to fill them. This client does a great job keeping up on her own home and didn’t need or want a full house cleaning or recurring services. She just wanted to treat herself with a customized cleaning. After I completed the top to bottom cleaning, the new decor was all put into place, and what a gift for her to walk into a “new” room! 

If you’re ready to refresh a room or two or would like to pamper yourself or a loved one in a customized way, the gift of professional cleaning is an option worth exploring. 

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