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Insured and Bonded Cleaning Company—What’s The Big Deal?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When looking for cleaning companies, you’ll either run across the phrase “insured and bonded,” or …you won’t. Be assured that if a company is insured and bonded, they’ll be eager to tell you up front, as it’s an important aspect of the way the company does business. The service industry is customer based, and the customer experience should be top priority. An insured and bonded cleaning company, like Bright at Home Cleaning, has taken measures to protect the customer’s property.

First, insured: An insured cleaning company carries an insurance policy to protect everyone involved. There are insurance commercials that remind us that, “Life comes at you fast.” It’s true, or insurance companies wouldn’t be in business. Even after taking every safety precaution, sometimes things happen. It’s comforting to know that when you have a cleaner in your home, should something happen, the cleaning company has it covered. We’ve heard stories about insured cleaning companies filing a claim on an incident and getting it immediately rectified for the customer, and we’ve heard about independent cleaners who can’t do anything about an incident, leaving it to the homeowner’s wallet. Occasionally life is going to throw a curveball, and there is peace of mind knowing you’re covered if it does.

It was surprising to learn that there is really only one insurance company that still covers cleaning companies in Texas. What does this tell you? There is a lot of value in a person’s home, and there is plenty of potential risk involved in covering damages. It also means that if a cleaning company has made the effort to insure themselves, they’ve got your best interest in mind.

A customer has the right to see proof of insurance from their potential housecleaner and get an explanation of coverage, should they desire.

Second, bonded: This term, when used for a cleaning company, actually refers to a janitorial bond. What’s that? Coverage of possible theft. Where it’s difficult to get insurance for a cleaning company, it’s quite simple to get a janitorial bond, as several insurance companies are happy to sell them. This tells you that the risk factor and price component here is much lower. However, this is another area of coverage that brings peace of mind. Should a possession come up missing in connection to a dishonest housecleaner and is irrecoverable (that’s even uncomfortable to write!), the bond issues reimbursement for the item.

A customer should feel free to ask about the janitorial bond coverage their cleaning company carries.

Bright at Home Cleaning is both insured and bonded and is happy to serve the greater Collin County, Texas area.

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