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Finding YOUR Kind of Cleaning Service

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Not all cleaning services are created equal. I'm not talking about quality, although I could. I'm not talking specifics of doing business, although I could do that too. I'm talking about what YOU are looking for and matching that up with a service that's best for you.

If we start at the top of the pyramid, where we throw out any idea of a budget, there exists what we'd call live-in maids. Wouldn't that be nice?! For the general population, as pleasant as it sounds, we face reality. It's not happening.

As one moves closer to general affordability and lifestyle, you come to maid services or housekeepers. Now, this can get confusing, as the term "maid service" is very often used interchangeably with "house cleaning service." You'll see the word "maid" in many house cleaning service company names. But "housekeeper" is more the idea here. If you require more maintenance and more consistent in-home care with laundry, dishes, and specific cleaning jobs beyond maintenance, you are looking for a housekeeper or higher level maid service, and your budget is prepared for it.

There are many services on the cleaning spectrum as you narrow on a general house cleaning service. This is where most people who are looking for home cleaning help are found. Even then the services range from deep cleaning, to one-time services, to regular scheduled maintenance cleaning. Bright at Home Cleaning specializes in this last type --regularly scheduled home maintenance. The mundane nature of housework takes time, and there are always side projects or specific jobs that are difficult to get done because basic housecleaning demands time and consistency. This is where regularly scheduled cleaning, whether monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, is a beautiful thing. When you find a company you trust that fits your needs, time is opened up to you that wasn't there before. You can take care of those extras or other personal tasks, like laundry, much more easily. Even better, you find more time with your friends, loved ones, or for yourself!

There are minor differences in companies that do regular home cleanings, and it's worth doing your research to make sure what you want is what they do. In this pocket of services, you'll find local companies or franchises with a proper license, insurance, and contracted guarantees. You'll also find freelancers that may be more economical, but aren't insured or licensed.

Whatever your reasons for looking for regular house cleaning help, do a little research and learn about a few different companies and what they offer. Then you can make an informed decision on what is going to best fit your needs.

Bright at Home Cleaning is a local business, licensed, bonded, and insured. Our customers are our number one priority. If you reside in Collin County, Texas, and you're looking for regular house cleaning help, contact us so we can see if we're the cleaning company for you.

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