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The Squeegee: A Shower's Best Friend

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

With the constant use of the shower comes the inevitable: hard water, soap scum, mildew, spots. This is where the shower squeegee is a valuable tool and a potential BFF for your shower. Shower squeegees are inherently inexpensive and easy to use. They often have a hook on the end, suction cup, or come with a holder for simple shower placement.

Taking a few moments to clear your shower of much of the water sitting on the walls and door after use will make keeping your shower clean so much easier. Think about it. When you exit the shower, a lot of water is left on the door and walls. This creates spots when dry, leaves ample time for soap scum to settle in, and it's a major breeding ground for mildew as the water sits, enjoys the humidity, and waits to evaporate.

It's rare to find a master bathroom that doesn't have a glass shower door. Clear glass has become a focal point of many master bathrooms and looks lovely when clean. But when it's not, it can be a frustrating eyesore and a reminder that a serious scrubbing awaits. Using the shower squeegee removes the opportunity for natural shower buildup to up. Partner it with an after-shower spray, and you've got yourself a working duo to help keep your shower looking newer.

Sure, consistently using the squeegee after you shower takes some getting used to. But you'll find that it's worth your while to send the accumulated soapy water on your glass and tile on its way. If you don't already use one and wouldn't mind majorly cutting back on the effort it takes to clean your shower, introduce your shower to the squeegee already! It's a friendship for the ages.

This cleaning tip brought to you by Bright at Home Cleaning --happily brightening homes in Collin County, Texas.

The OXO shower squeegee is featured in the picture above.

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