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How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Some people only vacuum when they notice the floor looking dingy, some on a set rotation, maybe some not at all! However, experts agree we ought to be vacuuming our flooring at least once a week, probably twice.

The reality is that dirt, even if you can’t see it, grinds away at the fibers in your carpet. The carpet begins to look dull or matted down and even stains easier. There are dozens of floating microbes, dust mites, allergens, dander, human hair, pet hair, debris, and just plain dirt that collects in our homes naturally from living. Well maintained carpets and rugs last longer and create a healthier environment.

Home experts suggest vacuuming twice a week in high traffic areas to keep dirt from attaching to and being ground into the carpet fibers. The longer we neglect our carpets and rugs, the more enmeshed the debris and dirt.

Determine vacuuming frequency depending on room usage. The more traffic and use a room gets, the more you should vacuum it. If you’ve got shedding pets, upping your vacuuming game is even more important in keeping your carpets and rugs looking good and lasting longer.

Get to know your vacuum! When you’ve got a good vacuum for your space, and you know how to best utilize it, the chore is easier. Make sure your vacuum is set at the appropriate height for your flooring, that you change/empty the bag or canister regularly, and that the roller bar is free from too much hair. Attention to these details will ensure a more effective vacuuming.

Slowing down at little when you vacuum is much more beneficial than a rushed job. Allow the vacuum to lift the fibers in different directions so it can remove trapped grit more effectively.

This home cleaning tip brought to you by Bright at Home Cleaning.

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