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What Should I Look for in a Home Cleaning Company?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Finding service providers you trust is no small task, and when you’re inviting them into your home, it’s important to establish a professional and friendly relationship. Today we find ourselves as busy as we’ve ever been, and it gets difficult to maintain the never ending task of keeping up on all aspects of house cleaning. When you’re in a position to hire one, a house cleaning company can be a serious time saver! But once the decision to hire one is made, what are the next best steps?

Angie’s List, a site known for vetting reputable companies, begins their search list for the highest quality cleaning services with the following: Interview the housekeeping or maid service.

No two cleaning services are the same, so it really becomes a matter of which company fits you and your home’s needs. There are plenty of companies that establish expectations over the phone using square footage or number of rooms, which is convenient, but still involves some level of uncertainty on both sides as they arrive for the first time cleaning. When you have the opportunity to meet face to face with a service provider, you can get a feel for what the company and people there offer. You can ask questions as they pertain to your home and establish shared expectations. What is off limits? What are the client’s preferences? What guidelines should be followed for top-notch services? At Bright at Home Cleaning, you meet with one of our owners, who is our experienced head technician, Lori. She personally trains and oversees all our cleaning technicians, and she's happy to answer your questions.

When searching online, the "what to look for" is similar regarding cleaning technicians. They include asking about background checks, whether insured and bonded, and guaranteed satisfaction. We’re happy to say BHC has all these bases covered! 

Rates are clearly an important aspect of choosing a home cleaning company.  You’ll find a wide variety on how a cleaning company decides its rates and the services connected to them. It’s wise to compare a few companies to get a general idea for competitive pricing on similar services, while maintaining quality. Often you’ll need to call and discuss your home details for an estimate. Other times, you’ll find companies, like Bright at Home Cleaning, that are more up-front about pricing, with exact pricing with client specifications determined during an in-home consultation. 

Another point that repeatedly appears is the question of cleaning products and equipment. Most home cleaning companies, ours included, prefer using green products and provide all their own supplies. However, not all of them do, so if it's important to you, ask. 

If you are in the position to hire a cleaning service, regardless if it’s Bright at Home Cleaning, we hope you find one that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel bright at home.

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