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Cleaning Technician or Maid?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

What is the difference between a cleaning technician and a maid? What duties and services can I expect? Which one would be right for my home?

To get the type of cleaning service you want, it's always better to be informed before

making a choice.

In today's housekeeping arena the two can be distinctly different or share some of the same services. Often the word “Maid” is used in the name of a cleaning company that actually performs a lot of the services Cleaning Technicians provide. The best way to find out what services are offered is to look at websites, or call and ask questions.

Drawing from experience in the cleaning industry, and as the Head Technician of Bright at Home Cleaning, I can offer some insight to help you decide on which is better for you.

Cleaning Technician or Maid?

A Maid can either be a self-employed cleaner or work for a maid service business. Typically Maids specialize in basic cleaning and tidying up of the house. For instance, they might pick up clutter, wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum, do basic dusting, clean bathrooms and the kitchen. They will usually do other tasks the client asks them to do and can be quite flexible with their services. Maids often use the client's cleaning equipment, or they may bring some of their own. Clients provide the cleaning products they would like used, or the maid uses their own cleaning products, which may not be chemical free or eco-friendly.

Many maid service companies have screening policies in place and might be bonded and insured. A self-employed Maid may not have these security measures in place to protect

clients. A lot of trust is required regarding background, theft, breakage, or damages.

Another consideration with a self-employed Maid is flexibility in scheduling the housekeeping service. Because they do not work for a company, they may offer more flexibility in scheduling instead of a fixed date and time. However, this can work both ways, as the Maid can switch days and times on the client depending on their personal schedule.

The cost of hiring a maid can vary greatly. Self-employed maids typically charge for the amount of time they clean, or an agreed on amount for each time they come and clean. On

average, the cost for a self employed maid is $15 to $25 per hour, per cleaner. They often are only able to take cash or check payments. Without a clear exchange of payment records, reported sales tax is... questionable.

A maid service company will have a more set schedule, including cost per hour charges. The cost averages anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour, per cleaner. As a legally established company, they accept different methods of payment (including credit/debit cards), will add sales tax, and will provide a receipt of sale for records on both ends.

A Cleaning Technician is someone who specializes in their trade. They have been trained as a professional cleaner. Their services are directed at the expert and efficient means of cleaning and disinfecting the home. They typically do not pick up excessive clutter or do dishes or laundry. Their focus is on cleaning the house. A Cleaning Technician can be self-employed, but usually works for a licensed cleaning business. Generally companies that have cleaning techs offer and provide similar services but have different policies and expectations for their employees and clients. For reference on Cleaning Technicians, I'll use Bright at Home Cleaning (BHC) as the typical example:

BHC Cleaning Technicians are screened, insured and bonded. They must sign an agreement that they will keep company standards and guidelines, which include measures taken to protect the client's property. They must speak fluent English so they can clearly communicate with clients. They are required to be professional in appearance and wear a company uniform, including work shoes used only for house cleaning.

BHC Cleaning Technicians receive training before entering any client home. Training includes cleaning methods that have been developed for the efficacy and efficiency of cleaning the home. They are trained how to use eco-friendly cleaning products, which includes disinfecting. They are taught the proper way to use their company issued cleaning equipment, including how to service their vacuums. Cleaning Technicians bring all of the cleaning equipment and supplies needed to clean the house.

Cleaning Technicians who work for a company like Bright at Home Cleaning will have a business office with a business manager who can be contacted by clients for any assistance. They also have service management apps used for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payments, and notes with special instructions. Cleaning Techs have a set schedule and often do two client's homes per work day. Clients will have a regular cleaning day and time and can count on the company's dependability.

Since most Cleaning Technicians work for a cleaning company, the cost remains in the national average. Cleaning companies usually charge for the amount of time projected to clean the house. Bright at Home Cleaning offers free, no obligation, in-home consultations to better determine the cleaning needs of the home, and the time needed to best meet them. Most companies will provide a quote over the phone based on square footage and customization.

Typically for a first time cleaning, clients can expect to pay more due to the extra time needed to get the home in tip-top shape prior to recurring cleanings. The initial clean is more of a deep clean which targets build up like soap scum in the showers and tubs, hard water deposits, stovetops, and extra dusting throughout the house. The cost for recurring cleanings by a Cleaning Technician average between $35 to $50 per hour per cleaner. Sales tax will be added, as required for legitimate companies. Some companies, such as BHC, offer discounts for how often the recurring cleaning happens.

There are different approaches to meeting the cleaning needs specifically for your home. Whether you decide to hire a Maid or a Cleaning Technician, may your home shine brighter!


Bright at Home Cleaning Head Technician

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